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Series: In the Beginning
"The Existence of God" - Part One

"In the beginning God created
the heavens and the earth."
Genesis 1:1

There is probably no other section of Scripture that is as controversial as Genesis, Chapters 1 to 3. 'Genesis' means 'beginning', and within these chapters, we have the beginning of the universe and of the world, the beginning of life, the human race; the beginning of society, work and responsibility toward the earth. We have the beginning of marriage, of sin, of evil, of corruption and the beginning of hope.

This week, Living Truth begins a series of rebroadcasts for the summer, commencing with Part One of "In the Beginning – The Existence of God". Author and Bible teacher, Charles Price, discusses the very controversial question: Does God exist? The Bible does not explain God prior to the beginning. It assumes His existence and everything else in the Bible stands on the foundation of the opening four words, "In the beginning God…" The subject of Genesis, Chapter One is not creation, but the Creator. Thirty-two times the name "God" occurs in this chapter. He is its subject.

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